Miniature Masterpiece Countdown – #5

Welcome to the Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.

Every day I post a miniature that exemplifies a designer’s use of at least one of my critical design principles: technical skill with the tools, innovative thinking, and expression of theme or subject matter.

At the end of the week, I post the number 1 Miniature Masterpiece. This mini demonstrates the designer’s ability to employ all 3 creative elements in their work.

After 7 weeks, all the winners of the countdown are placed on a single list, and you vote for your number 1 miniature.

Who will be the season 2 All-Star?

Mantaur by Malchior

Does this one unsettle you? Good, that means you are still a normal and sane human being!

That being said, I have to admit this was damn creative. Mantaur by Malchior uses the floating torso bug. This glitch in the system allows the torso to float in the air despite not having any legs. They then inserted a second mini and removed the head. By rearranging the pose, they are able to create a Mantaur.

Yes, it’s weird and a little disconcerting, but it is innovative and thematically consistent. Obviously, the designer wanted to insert a comedic flare in this Hero Forge creation. Seeing as I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I stumbled across this particular Miniature Masterpiece, I’d say he was successful.

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