Wizards of the Coast teams up with the Pinkertons

In this video, we discuss the latest scandal to come from the Wizards of the Coast. Wizards of the Coast hired the Pinkerton Detective agency to track down and retrieve a “leaked” Magic the Gathering deck. A YouTuber was in possession of said deck and posted an un-boxing of the unreleased cards. The Pinkertons track down the YouTuber and bullied him into turning the cards over to them.

As strange as this may sound, I (Ash) spent time working for a private detective agency as an investigator. I have some insight into what the Pinkertons were asked to do and why they behaved in this manner. I don’t understand why Wizards of the Coast chose to go to a private detective agency with a reputation for pushing the boundaries, but after the last 8 months, I’m not sure how surprised I can be.


For the original unboxing video, click Here

For the YouTuber’s describing his encounter with the Pinkertons, click Here.

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