Hero Forage Miniature Masterpiece Countdown

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It really is tough to pick 7 miniatures that stand above the rest. There are a lot of very talented and inventive people displaying their skills in the Hero Forage library. I make the selection based on innovative techniques and/or how effective the designer was in reaching a design goal.

There is a huge variety of options you can choose from on Hero Forage, and there are a lot of people out there pushing every button to the extreme. These weekly contests will showcase their unique approach to designing miniatures on that platform.

There are also designers that take a direct, subtle but detailed approach. They make scenes and creatures that feel like they belong in a campaign or just jumped out of a module. That understated approach to detail brings these creations to life.

Ultimately, this is a fan letter to these designers. We created a countdown for what we consider to be the best, but, frankly, each and every one of these Miniature Masterpieces represents an outstanding example of imagination.

Mister Hugsworth

This horrifying abomination made it to this week’s Hero Forage Masterpiece Countdown due to its complex form. It would’ve taken hours to get all the parts in the right position. I feel this masterpiece expresses a sense of horror exceptionally well.

Couple pose Cyreus and Tullius

By Brudi Bu

Crafting a pair of figures that share the same space and are interconnected in this way is challenging, very challenging. Brudi Bu did an excellent job at arranging the figures so that they connect seamlessly. It also depicts the scene perfectly. One of my criteria for picking a Hero Forage Miniature Masterpiece is how well it tells a story. The pair are clearly in love. The figures express the scene’s intent unambiguously.


By Bonesy

How far they needed to bend the parameters and functions of Hero Forage tool system in order to make this figure required ingenuity. Because of the position of the rod and the lack of floor, this creature appears to be balancing on its spear. You can remove the base and the floor from the figure while it is in the Photo Booth menu. It’s a clever and creative trick.


By: insurgentinsomniac

Obviously, this Miniature Masterpiece has a lot going on. What I appreciated most about insurgentinsomniac’s depiction of Freya was the coloring. Because of all the different planes and surfaces, it required a lot of work to color this particular piece. There’s also a great deal of manipulation of the color tools here. The high shine and gloss on the wings is not stock. That needed to be tinkered with in Hero Forage’s mixing tool. And frankly, this Miniature Masterpiece is just pretty and nice to look at.

MA 12 The Hanged Man

By Sentry

It really is very hard to create a hero forage figurine with two separate figures interlocked. Sen&try not only managed to do that, but they also managed to create an enormous prop surrounding the figures. This isn’t something you can do on your lunch break. They put some effort into this, and I think it paid off.

Koyrel both forms

By Light

Both of these figures took a lot of energy and time. The coloring is perfect here. I appreciate the amount of energy it took to get the “Decals” in the correct position and with the correct coloring. I also love Koi fish.


By UnitNine

I love when creators bend the tools within Hero Forage in order to create something truly unique. The face of this Golem was tricky to build. I needed to download this one and dissect it before I understood how UnitNine managed this bizarre creature.

They used a hood clothing prop on the head and then position the head as far downward and tilted forward as the system would allow. Doing so aligned the top of the hood towards the camera. They then attached antenna props to the top of the head and flipped them inward. When the antennas are flipped in this manner only their base is left visible. They then painted them bright orange so they looked like eyes.

I don’t think this approach is something you could just stumble across in the system.

What you’re really looking at when you see the golem’s face is the top of a hooded head and a pair of inverted antennae. UnitNine had to of spent time trying to figure out this effect. It’s a clever technique they came up with, and one I intend to use myself in my own personal creations.

That’s why this Golem is my number one pick for this week’s Miniature Masterpiece.

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