Last Tea Shop Live-Stream.

The Last Tea Shop is a solo TTRPG journaling game, but it’s something else too. For me, it’s lightning in a bottle. it’s a muse hiding in the pages of a tiny book. It’s a powerful yet elegant machine designed to generate inspiration.

After writing a deep dive review (read here) discussing the nature of the game, I began posting portions of my playthrough week after week. Zachariah Van Sluyters from Old Man Gaining and I discussed doing some collaborative work in the past. When he saw my playthrough, the muse spoke to him too. He composed the narration of my story and posted it to his YouTube channel.

Now, Zachariah and I are collaborating on a two-player live stream, an actual play of this powerful writing game. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous playing this game with the 2 player rules for the first time while live streaming it, but The Last Tea Shop did not let us down. The muse was there with us that night, and the story took off.

So many ideas came to us that we weren’t able to finish the whole playthrough in one sitting. Part 1 has already aired, and you can watch it here or on the Old Man Gaming YouTube channel. Tentatively, part 2 will be live-streamed this coming Wednesday (2/8/2023) at 8:30 PM.

I hope you watch the story unfold. I hope you pick up the game and give it a try. More than anything, I hope you get inspired.

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