Words of Power: Rolling out Some Changes

Over the next few weeks, the Wizard’s Respite is going to attempt some renovations. After performing a not-so-inconsequential amount of research, I found a number of possible adjustments that might potentially improve the site in a multitude of ways. These changes focus on enhancing the fundamental characteristics of running a website and business.

For instance, I’ll be experimenting with different types of content in an attempt to provide articles better suited to my readers. My initial trial run focuses on industry trends and news. Most of my followers on Twitter are TTRPG content creators, so I want to write articles that provide relevant information to the people trying to make a space for themselves in that industry.

Next, I built a space on the Wizard’s Respite homepage dedicated to collaborators. Recently, I’ve had great success working with the talented Ben Sutton (Tabletop Courant) and Zachariah Van Sluyters (Old Man Gaining & Axiom Games), and I’d like to expand my collaboration to other content creators. Anyone that collaborates with me on the Wizard’s Respite will have their name, logo, and link on the homepage. I’d love to establish a network of writers helping each other grow.

To that end, I’m also providing a space to help support up-and-coming brands in the industry. I’m calling it the “Wizard’s Respite Regulars”. I built a panel filled with backlinks driving traffic to the websites of these creators. This should help with their SEO and visibility. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Wizard’s Respite Regulars program, the space is limited. If you’re interested in the program, head to the Wizard’s Respite homepage and check out the details.

Over the last several months, I’ve worked towards building a brand dedicated to providing positive content. I believe that helping each other grow and helping the community, in general, will provide more opportunities for everyone. Ultimately, it’s my intention to make the Wizard’s Respite a financial success. We all have to eat. I believe providing a positive voice within the community will accomplish that goal, and that’s the core idea behind these changes. I believe what I’m doing here will help The Respite as well as other content creators grow.

I look forward to seeing how these experiments turn out. If anyone out there is interested in collaboration, The Wizard’s Respite Regulars program, or has insight on better executing these goals, please reach out. I am very interested in discussing and receiving feedback on these plans.

Keep checking in as these changes unfold. I’ll be making more posts like this on Twitter as well as on my mailing list.

Until next time, keep crafting content creators.

-Ash Alder

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