Miniature Masterpiece Countdown – 7

A Hero Forge miniature designed to look like a robotic Frankenstein
Test Subject Crankenstein
By SolarSimon DM

Season 2 of the Miniature Masterpiece countdown is starting off with an innovative and creative way to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Hero Forge.

SolarSimon created a unique, but classic design with Test Subject Crankenstein. He’s obviously going for an old-school monster feel, but to achieve this he needed to graph two figures to each other. He manages to do this seamlessly and in a manner that emphasizes his theme without compromise. That’s why his creation made it to this week’s Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.

In order to truly understand how he managed this design, you’ll need to pick apart the miniature in Hero Forge. I’ve provided a link to Test Subject Crankenstein so you can unravel how SolarSimon built his monster.

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