Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece Countdown

It really is tough to pick 7 miniatures that stand above the rest. There are a lot of very talented and inventive people displaying their skills in the Hero Forge library. I make the selection based on innovative techniques and/or how effective the designer was in reaching a design goal.

There is a huge variety of options you can choose from on Hero Forge, and there are a lot of people out there pushing every button to the extreme. These weekly contests will showcase their unique approach to designing miniatures on that platform.

Some designers take a direct approach while others employ subtle but detailed techniques. They make scenes and creatures that feel like they belong in a campaign or just jumped out of a module. That understated approach brings these creations to life.

Ultimately, this is a fan letter to these designers. We created a countdown for what we consider to be the best, but, frankly, each and every one of these Miniature Masterpieces represents an outstanding example of imagination.


Kurina Rush

By Pendlefoot

We are starting out this week’s Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece Countdown with not only a new miniature but also a brand-new pose. Pendlefoot takes advantage of the new running pose released by Hero Forage.

Of course, I wouldn’t be placing this miniature on the countdown just because it’s taking advantage of a new feature. This Miniature Masterpiece also employs creativity in depicting the debris and lightning dusting up around her feet. How the creator managed to produce this effect is pretty interesting, but to really understand what they did you’ll need to open the file and tinker with the settings. Not only is this a new pose, but Pendlefoot already pushes the limits with this new feature. That’s why their piece “Kurina Rush” made it into this week’s Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.


Let me solo her

by The Magnificence Z

The energy conveyed in this scene left me with a sense of anxiety. It’s not just two combatants fighting, it’s clearly one combatant finishing another. The energy conveyed in this Miniature Masterpiece tells the tale of a life about to end. The technical skill used to create this scene is apparent. The cloak and robes on the lower figure appeared to be moving. That effect took time and attention to detail. The position of the blades and the arms of the attacker expertly convey intent and needed to be painstakingly positioned. This is clearly the work of someone who cared about what they were doing. That’s why “Let me solo her” made it into this week’s Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.


Funk 48

by Funk 48

This particular Miniature Masterpiece caught my eye through its clever expression of theme. A hard rock’n Knights of the round table, who wouldn’t like that? Once I took a closer look at the figure, however, I found that the fire effect towards its feet was actually pretty clever. That’s not something you can easily do in Hero Forage. It required manipulation of the tools available in a unique and clever manner.

A second figure was placed in the prone position on the ground and given six arms. In each hand of these arms, a fire spell asset was placed then manipulated so that it appeared to be twisting around the feet of the primary figure. The torso of the prone figure was then textured with a “fur” skin and colored to match the fire. Because of this innovative use of texture and coloring, the second figure completely vanishes and appears to be fire as well. This was an impressive manipulation and expression of the potential of the tools within the Hero Forge system.

Party succubus

By Razzap

This one’s just fun! It expresses the theme perfectly, the coloring is on point, and it reminds me of college. There is a lot of energy conveyed in this miniature, and I like how it employs props and assets. My eye was drawn to it as soon as I opened the Hero Forge public library, so I needed to include Razzap’s “Party Succubus” in this week’s Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.


Tiered Soldier

by Stankhul

The expression, bloodshot eye, weary stance, this girl has clearly had a bad day. That’s why “Tired Soldier” made it onto this week’s Hearo Forge Miniature Masterpiece countdown. The criteria I use when selecting miniatures for the countdown consists of three factors, technical skill, expression of theme, innovative manipulation of the medium. “Tired Soldier” clearly expresses an unambiguous theme.

This soldier has fought a long and exhausting battle; of that, there is no doubt. The coloring and use of decals for portraying blood splatter as well as the detail in the terrain and bloodshot eye indicate a masterful use of technical skill. This miniature really draws the eye and captures the attention. This is absolutely a fantastic expression of theme and skill.


Leafy Ballgown

By Cam WS

This stunning creation left me baffled. When I first stumbled across this miniature in the Hero Forge public library, I was excited. I thought Hero Forge may have released a new clothing asset. When I opened the figure, I quickly learned that no such asset had been added to the tools. It took a few minutes before I figured out what Cam WS managed to do.

The lower half of the dress is the Dragon Fin Tail asset. Cam WS arrange the various fins so that they surround the lower half of the figure. They then color them appropriately and excellently. I really had no idea what he had done until I started picking apart the figure within the system. This is absolutely an excellent example of innovation and craftsmanship.

I would also like to say that the subtle expression of theme speaks volumes for the talent of this creator. I imagine this figure walking into some kind of formal gathering. A noblewoman from a fantasy world and a culture centered around communion with nature. Could she be a Druid priestess? It seems likely.


Green Knight

By Loguinea Pig

This week’s number one pick displays innovative manipulation of the Hero Forge system as well as exceptional skill and use of theme. The Green Knight is an Arthurian legend recently adapted into an excellent art-house film. This Miniature Masterpiece captures the garish, mythical, and foreboding presents of the source material as well as the movie adaptation. Though the likeness tends towards the green Knight of the medieval epic, it projects the same sense of mysterious magic depicted in the film.

The construction of this Green Knight employs subtle yet exceptionally effective techniques to establish both the domineering presence and a mystical heir. Two figures were layered within each other so that the miniature could be bulked out. This technique also provided the designer, Loguinea Pig, the opportunity to double the number of assets used. The added detail provides texture for the subtle magical motif.

This figure checks all three boxes. Doubling up figures to provide width offers many challenges. The amount of fine-tuning needed to execute that technique requires patience and persistence. Even the slightest degree change can place the figures too far out of sync with each other and leaves the entire design blurred and distorted. Loguinea Pig displays their skill and ingenuity with their Green Knight.

I read the Green Knight in college and thoroughly enjoyed it. Arthurian legend was one of my favorite classes. The excellent coloring and subtle design choices projects the theme perfectly. Because of the skill displayed in the design, the execution of theme, and the innovative approach to the systems tools, the Green Knight is this week’s number one pick for the Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.

For the last 7 weeks, I’ve posted my top 7 favorite Hero Forge Miniature Masterpieces, and I’ve discussed what I felt made them so unique and innovative. Now it’s your turn to pick.

Starting tomorrow, I will open a poll listing all the number 1 picks from the last 7 countdowns. You can choose which one is your number 1!

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