Soleil the Fire Devil

Miniature Masterpiece Countdown – #6 (week 2)

Soleil the Fire Devil
By Windthin

Today’s Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece combines dynamic movement, excellent asset manipulation, and masterful use of the color palette in order to make the countdown. You don’t see poses like this employed very often. There are quite a few action oriented positions available on the Hero Forge platform, but they are a little tricky to work with. You really have to have the right design in mind in order to make proper use of oppose depicting motion.

Windthin accomplishes this with his figure “Soleil the Fire Devil” by carefully choosing and manipulating the fire accessory to the sword assets. Their placement helps lend energy to the figurine, and of course they didn’t forget to manipulate the hair in order to depict movement. I also need to commend the color manipulation. It’s clear that they took their time and affected the pallet meticulously. This is most obvious in the face. Decals and tattoos were manipulated in order to give a particularly unnatural and fiery appearance. Clearly care and attention to detail went into this Miniature Masterpiece.

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