The Wizards Respite

A love for fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, good storytelling, and above all else tabletop role-playing games keep this place open and the lights on. The Wizard’s Respite primarily discusses Fantasy Role-Playing Games, Fantasy Novels, and entertainment.

Instead of doubling down on one subject (Dungeons & Dragons and homebrew, for instance), the content at the Wizard’s Respite tries to discuss a variety of topics revolving around a central theme, good storytelling. After all, people that love D&D and fantasy RPG games have to love good storytelling.

Ash Alder


Ash graduated from California State University San Marcos with a degree in Literature with a focus on writing. Since then, he’s spent time broadening horizons and developing a variety of skill sets that would allow him to pay the bills, but he’s never lost his love for good storytelling or for writing.

Ash is developing his skill as a writer here at the Wizard’s Respite. He writes the blog, social media content, general website content, as well as the content for the TTRPG books being developed here at the respite.

Athena Victoria

Art Director

Athena graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. Since then, she has developed her craft, medium, and subject matter through experimentation and exploration. Her work can be found at art shows throughout Texas, on her website https://discombobi.com/, on her social media, and of course here at the Wizard’s Respite.

As Art Director, Athena is illustrating independent TTRPG books that will soon be available and sold here. She is also managing the layout and overall design of these books. The banner and logo for this website were her designs as well, so, obviously, without her hard work and talent, nothing would ever look right around here.

Let’s build something together.