Skalthe By Dragonzzilla

Skalthe By Dragonzzilla

This week’s Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece countdown number 2 slot finds itself filled with an exquisitely designed nightmare. This hulking monstrosity splattered in blood, wears the bones of its fallen enemy’s like armor. This could easily be a high general in a necromantic army or even the big bad at the end of a campaign! This is also another mini that requires 2 figures in order to complete the build. The heavily layered detail and multitude of assets can’t be accomplished with a single figure within the Hero Forge platform.

Even the mask, as simple and as direct as it may seem, possesses numerous elements and a variety of angles that can’t currently be found in any single helmet asset. Dragonzzilla needed to layer too figures directly over each other and experiment with various helmets in order to find a pair that complemented each other well. His efforts did not go in vain or unrecognized. His attention to detail and meticulous approach to expressing a horrifying scene is why Skalthe made it to the number 2 slot in this week’s Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.

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