Hero Forage Miniature Masterpiece Countdown

It really is tough to pick 7 miniatures that stand above the rest. There are a lot of very talented and inventive people displaying their skills in the Hero Forge library. I make the selection based on innovative techniques and/or how effective the designer was in reaching a design goal.

There is a huge variety of options you can choose from on Hero Forge, and there are a lot of people out there pushing every button to the extreme. These weekly contests will showcase their unique approach to designing miniatures on that platform.

There are also designers that take a direct, subtle but detailed approach. They make scenes and creatures that feel like they belong in a campaign or just jumped out of a module. That understated approach to detail brings these creations to life.

Ultimately, this is a fan letter to these designers. We created a countdown for what we consider to be the best, but, frankly, each and every one of these Miniature Masterpieces represents an outstanding example of imagination.

Lucky Looks Like They Missed

By Kumasan

Starting another Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece countdown with a little dark comedy. One of the things I look for when trying to determine if a miniature should make it on the countdown is how well it tells a story. This miniature clearly tells a story. It’s a little dark and has a twisted sense of humor, but we know exactly what the creator of this piece, Kumasan, was trying to do. That’s why, “Lucky Looks like They Missed,” made It into this Week’s countdown.

NPCV Damaged Android

By Aaron Harris

This piece tells the story of a poorly neglected, damaged, and reassembled android. There’s no doubt about what Aaron Harris was trying to do with his creation. He obviously needed to use multiple figures to compose this miniature and assemble them in a dynamic and interesting way. That’s a tough job, but I believe it is a job that was accomplished.

Three Sister Glitch

By Maximus

I’m very excited to post this one for multiple reasons. First of all, we can put 3 figures on one base now! This is a new glitch that appears to have been released in the last couple of days. Second, the pose and expression of these 3 women has been masterfully orchestrated. This is another example of 3 characters that I feel could have been pulled directly from a module. And finally, this almost looks like it could be a “getting ready for prom” photo. I absolutely love this one!

Ultimate Willpower

By Wanderer

Anyone out there a fan of the Green Lantern? This piece has a lot going on. Multiple arms were layered within each other so that effect after effects could be placed across this miniature. In order to really understand all of the facets Wanderer used here, you’ll need to open this one up yourself to take it apart. And of course, in the Green Lantern comics, green is the color of willpower. This piece is aptly named.

CP Media Star

By Markus aka Azzu

Of course, the clever manipulation of the spheres hovering near the figure initially drew my eye to this Miniature Masterpiece. After I gave it a closer examination, I could tell that a lot of energy went into this particular mini. The coloring in the hair, clothes, and skin are very close but the differences are subtle enough to not detract from the overall theme. The use of the light is absolutely perfect. It gives the impression that the spheres hovering on either side of this figure are “part of the show”. This was clever craftsmanship.


By Taillin

I had to put another tree abomination in the countdown. I have to admit that this one really impressed me. I couldn’t figure out how they manage the face until I really dove deep and picked it apart. How Taillin used wings to create a tree canopy was exceptionally clever as well.

The Center Star

By Luca Zoqui

Yet another creation from Luca Zoqui. Creating this particular piece required overcoming several design challenges. You might not even be able to tell, but to make this piece Luca needed to merge to figures into one. He did it so seamlessly, however, that why he needed two figures is a bit of a mystery until you actually get in and start dissecting the work. The coloring is also outstanding. The shine in the glow is perfect. Even the light source was subtly affected to give it an enhanced golden shine.

And yet again, the theme of this Miniature Masterpiece is apparent. This figure could easily be on the cover of a module. She’s clearly some kind of sun goddess, there’s no doubt. Because of the technical skill needed to accomplish this design as well as the excellent expression of theme, “The Center Star” finds itself in the number 1 position on the Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.

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