Last Tea Shop Live-Stream: Part 2

The conclusion to the last tea shop 2 player play through.

A few weeks ago, Zachariah Van Sluyters of Old Man Gaining and I ran a live stream actual play of The Last Tea Shop. If you haven’t heard of the game yet, you can check out my deep dive review here.  In a nutshell, it’s a solo TTRPG in which you play a tea shop owner on the boarder between life and death. You give souls one last cup of tea before they enter the great beyond.

The game also has a two-player rule set. Zachariah and I ran the solo version before, but this play through would be new to us both. We didn’t know exactly what to expect or how the story would develop, but by the end of our first live stream, we knew it worked.

This is the conclusion of the game. If you didn’t see the first livestream, I suggest you give it a watch before jumping into this one. We set up several important plot points that pay off in the second half.

This has been an awesome experience, and Zachariah and I are working on making more content like this, so keep an eye out for future APs.

In the meantime, get your favorite teacup off the shelf and start heating the water.

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