TTRPG News: Hero Forage Releases Animal Minis

Title cover discussing how hero Forge has released animal minis. There is an image of a bear, squirrel, and raptor depicting the minis you can now choose.

The day after Christmas, Hero Forge unveiled a new feature, animal minis. The custom miniature design and printing platform company released a new series of species templates you can choose from. Within the species tab, you can select sub-categories for mounts and familiars. They stand completely alone on the base, making them the sole focus of the design.

A squirrel made in the Hero Forge miniature platform.

Along with the option to choose animals, each new critter gets a series of customizable features suited for four-legged adventurers. Griffin wings could be added to bears, wargs, or your trusty war boar. If you select a mount, you’ll have the clothing tab available. At this time, only one saddle seems to be offered, but the raptor also gets a chest harness.

Overall, these new miniature templates offer considerably fewer customizable options than their humanoid counterparts. Most of the mounts only possess 2 to 3 possible pose templates. While the animal familiars offer considerably more (around 8), neither familiar nor mount miniatures possess a wide variety of advanced pose options. It would appear that the flexibility ends with tails, ears, and snouts. Of course, these are brand-new principal miniature templates. More options and flexibility will certainly be made available in time.

With 26 brand-new miniature species being released, Hero Forge intends to continue to be the leader in customization. These new figures open up a wide variety of scenes and designs that can be employed in anyone’s tabletop or virtual tabletop setting. I am already excited to experiment with these tools and to see what the creative minds in the miniature community will design.

Check out the new minis. The link is below

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