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One D&D Play Test Material Release

(The Cleric and Revised Species)

Wizards of the Coast released 26 pages of fresh material for the community to playtest. There’s a lot of material here, but deference was clearly given towards the Cleric class and how “Species” will be handled.

Check out the new playtest material

WotC shelves “Race” in favor of “Species”

The word “Race” will no longer be used in any new D&D material. Instead, Wizards of the Coast will be replacing the terminology with “species”. This is in line with their attempts to expand inclusivity and sensitivity in the Dungeons & Dragons IP.

Though this move has garnered a wide range of reactions, the most global critique of this decision focuses on the timing of this release. Only a few days ago, Hasbro stock plummeted as a result of the mishandling of the Magic card game. Cynics suggest that the timing of this declaration may be an intentional attempt to redirect the public’s attention.

The Walking Dead gets the TTRPG treatment

As the popular television series comes to an end, a tabletop role-playing game begins. Whether you liked the series finale or not, you now have an opportunity to expand the story about a world filled with “walkers”. With the continued release of TTRPG based on popular IP, there should be no doubt about the growing popularity and power of this once “nerdy” hobby.

The Walking Dead TTRPG is published by Free League. Alongside “Tales from the Loop” and “Mork Borg”, we also see a wide selection of games based on established brands coming from this publisher. Titles like “The One Ring”, “Blade Runner”, and “Dead Space” proves Free League used a practiced hand when crafting the gamified version of TWD.

The Walking Dead TTRPG

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