Miniature Masterpiece Countdown #3

Welcome to the Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.

Every day I post a miniature that exemplifies a designer’s use of at least one of my critical design principles: technical skill with the tools, innovative thinking, and expression of theme or subject matter.

At the end of the week, I post the number 1 Miniature Masterpiece. This mini demonstrates the designer’s ability to employ all 3 creative elements in their work.

After 7 weeks, all the winners of the countdown are placed on a single list, and you vote for your number 1 miniature.

Who will be the season 2 All-Star?

Vayne by Silwyn

This character’s expressive nature secured its place on the Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece Countdown. Admittedly, the figure’s pose isn’t particularly unique. However, employing multiple floating objects demonstrates the designer’s expertise with the platform, Silwyn’s use of color is absolutely phenomenal. Mixing the flat black and high-gloss gold in this manner creates a striking contrast that ignites curiosity. I want to know more about this character.

What they did with the eyes is also incredibly powerful. That’s not a standard color design. Silwyn made her own eye color and added a touch of illumination to the paint. What really impressive is how subtle yet impactful their technique was. It’s easy to overdo the glowing effect in the miniature’s eyes, but what we see here is just a touch of radiance.

Ultimately, I chose this figure for the number 3 spot on the countdown because I found it to be thematically compelling. I want to know more about this character. What kind of campaign is she in? What’s her back story? Hell, what’s her name? If a miniature subtly stirs up this many questions, it certainly earned its place as a Miniature Masterpiece.

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