Miniature Masterpiece Countdown – #4

Welcome to the Hero Forge Miniature Masterpiece Countdown.

Every day I post a miniature that exemplifies a designer’s use of at least one of my critical design principles: technical skill with the tools, innovative thinking, and expression of theme or subject matter.

At the end of the week, I post the number 1 Miniature Masterpiece. This mini demonstrates the designer’s ability to employ all 3 creative elements in their work.

After 7 weeks, all the winners of the countdown are placed on a single list, and you vote for your number 1 miniature.

Who will be the season 2 All-Star?

Norse Saint Nicholas by Melchior

Of course, the Hero Forge library is inundated by Santa Claus minis this time of year, but this one stood out to me. This isn’t your typical Saint Nick. Melchior made an effort to instill their designed with the specific cultural style. It works!

The “Norse Saint Nicholas” clearly represents an old world flair. The attention to detail along the color palette and clothing asset choices really sold this one for me. And of course, there is a small badger asset peering between Saint Nick’s feet.

Is that part of a Norse legend? 200 points for you if you know why Melchior added this adorable little creature. Please, leave a comment below and share your knowledge.

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