The Poisoner’s Handbook


Explore the intricate world of poison crafting with “The Poisoner’s Handbook,” a supplementary system designed for tabletop role-playing games. This 57-page guide, built upon the mechanics of 5th Edition (5e), offers a self-contained system adaptable to various TTRPGs. Learn the mechanics behind poisons, access poison recipes, and delve into the art of weaponizing toxins.


A scull made of smoke rising out of a tea cup and the book title.

The Poisoner’s Handbook is a supplementary system for crafting and using poisons.

The mechanics use 5e as a foundation. However, since the system is self-contained, it offers an open and agnostic application to other systems. To this end, The Poisoner’s Handbook includes a chapter on converting mechanics to other systems. We’ve done the math, we show our work, and we talk about the logic behind our system.

The package you will download contains not only The Poisoner’s Handbook but also a players edition and a black and white printable players edition. We removed the poison recipes, poisoner weapons, and some of the back-end mechanics from the player’s edition. We wanted the GM to be able to hand a rulebook to their players but keep a few surprises up their sleeves.

You will also receive 2 additional files titled “Poison Recipes” and “Poisoner’s Weapons”. These printable files allow you to cut out and give your players items found within the game. You don’t have to worry about poorly written notes confusing a player.

We designed everything to make the busy GM’s life easier.

This Download Includes:

  • A 57 page book.
  • Original art by Athena Victoria
  • A glossary with inter-document links to quickly access specific chapters.
  • 15 poisons and their recipes.
  • 8 weapons any assassin would love to get their hands on.
  • A printable and a black and white printable abridged players edition.
  • A system for stacking poison effects.
  • A system for crafting poisons.
  • A system for identifying poisons.
  • A chapter for converting this supplement to other game core mechanics.

Download and allow your assassins the ability to brew malicious elixirs of vile intent!

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