Become a Wizard’s Respite Regular

What is a Wizard’s Respite Regular?

A Regular is a content creator that contributes positivity to the community through their medium. To maximize effectiveness, Regulars work within the TTRPG, RPG, Indie game development, fantasy, or sci-fi fiction industries. They could be bloggers, novelists, game designers, dice makers, or miniature printers.

However, this is not an all-inclusive list. If you think your brand might be a good fit, contact us, and we’ll discuss making you a Wizard’s Respite Regular!

Why Become a Regular?

Our goal is to build a network of creative individuals and companies that promote a positive message and help each other grow. When you become a regular, you gain access to some of the following perks.

  • Website Back-Linking: your website will be linked to the Wizards Respite homepage providing a backlink to your site. Backlinks are important to build SEO relevance, and your brand will be on display to all those that visit The Wizard’s Respite.
  • Cross Promotion: as a regular, the Wizards Respite will help promote your content across its social media and mailing list. Up to three times a month, regulars can supply promotional material for their content. This material will be featured on the Respite’s social media and weekly newsletter.
  • Networking: regulars will gain access to the Wizards Respite discord page where they can coordinate cross-promotion. (Discord page is coming soon)
  • Exclusivity: we are currently only accepting 75 applicants for the Wizards Respite Regulars program. Our goal is to ensure maximum effective marketing for the participants in the program. We may alter this number in the future depending on the success and effectiveness of the program.

Regular Requirements

In order to become a regular, you’ll need the following attributes.

  • Nobility: your content does not cause harm to others. You do not use your platform to harass, insult, marginalize, or belittle others. You speak with respect and dignity for friend and foe alike.
  • Fellowship: you’ve developed a community and wish to continue to grow. You have a website and an active social media presence.
  • Honor: the content and promotional material you produce is to the best of your knowledge truthful and honest. You do not market services or goods that you cannot provide. You do not promote yourself to be something you are not. Your word is your bond, and the truth is your sword and shield!

Community Development

The Wizards Respite Regulars program attempts to aid all its participants in developing their online presence and business. At this time, we are asking our Regulars to consider offering similar provisions to other participants as well as The Wizards Respite.

Essentially, we are recommending and asking participants to consider supplying a link to the websites of other participants as well as to The Wizards Respite. Again, this is to help provide SEO relevance through backlinks. These backlinks do not need to be on the homepage. However, they should be on an appropriately high-traffic page to help your fellow community leaders grow their brand.

This is a suggestion and a request, not a requirement. It may not always be feasible for every member to integrate links to other members’ websites or back to the Wizards Respite. If it is possible, we simply ask that you consider helping the community we are trying to develop.

How Do You Become a Wizard’s Respite Regular?

If you feel that you are a good fit for the Regular’s program, fill out the form to the right. We’ll contact you and get you set up with all other relevant information.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why are you interested in becoming a Wizard’s Respite Regular? How can we work together to build your brand and a stronger community?