The Poisoner’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to Agonizing Death

We are finally able to start talking about the products we want to produce here at the Wizard’s Respite. We’re beginning with The Poisoner’s Handbook. This booklet details an alternative system for crafting poisons in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. The player’s handbook states that assassins gain proficiency in a “poisoner’s kit” at the 3rd level.

But aside from that, it’s pretty light on the details. It doesn’t explicitly say how the kit can be used despite this being a class feature.

Poison Case, by Athena Victoria

The 5th edition is known for these vague rules, and these “gray areas” deliberately provide the Dungeon Master flexibility within the game setting itself. With The Poisoner’s Handbook, we intend to provide DM’s with another option; a tool for crafting an immersive and interesting world.

This booklet details a balanced approach to crafting poisons with a poisoner’s kit. It provides examples of poison recipes that players can find within the game as well as a system for homebrewing recipes and poisons; a system designed to prevent unbalancing action economy. Poison used to be a headache for DMs. The Poisoner’s Handbook not only makes it easier to create veils of liquid death, it also makes it fun.

Each system within the handbook is modular. This allows you, the DM, to take what you want and leave the rest. Your poison recipes can be basic and simple or complex and detailed. You can write up a recipe that simply describes the poison’s name, effect, and DC for crafting, or you can detail the ingredients and intricate crafting instructions for your concoction. Either approach can be employed without affecting the game’s balance.

You don’t have to keep explaining the rules to your players.

Perfume Bottle of Death, by Athena Victoria

We’re also providing a variety of formats. The DM’s format details the rules around homebrewing your own poisons and recipes

The player’s format describes how to use the poisoner’s kit in game. You can print this off and give it to your player at the table. This allows them to reference the rules, but it also lets them hold something in their hands. Easy printing instructions are provided as well as color and black-and-white versions of the handbook.

The book is also filled with original art provided by Athena Victoria. The unique designs and style brought to this project by Athena elevate the reader’s immersion. What does a poisoner’s kit even look like? We’ll show you.

The poisoner’s handbook provides DM’s with a fun tool for exploring another aspect of Dungeons & Dragons. It also gives players another toy to play with. It provides another level of immersion for everyone. Finding ingredients for a high-level poison could end up being a major quest within a campaign. There’s so much that can be done with this book, and because we worked hard to make it clear, easy to use, and efficient, we are able to keep it affordable.

The poisoner’s handbook is nearly complete and will be available for sale within just a few weeks. The next step is preparing the platforms we’ll be selling it on. You will, however, always be able to purchase all our products here at the Wizard’s Respite.

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