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Sunfish Sitting There – An Indie TTRPG Actual Play: Eclipse-Chasing Roommates Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

An Indie TTRPG actual play

Get ready for a funny yet heartwarming journey into the world of Sunfish Sitting There, an indie TTRPG that puts the spotlight on life’s everyday challenges. In this live actual play session, we dive into a quirky scenario where an eclipse, roommates, and personal growth collide in unexpected ways.

Our story revolves around three unlikely roommates, each facing their own set of unique hurdles:

1. A retired wrestler who never quite made it to the big leagues, struggling to kick his pill addiction and stay on the path to sobriety.

2. An 18-year-old, trying to navigate the maze of life without a clear sense of direction, desperately seeking motivation to forge their own path.

3. A bubbly young influencer, utterly immersed in the online world, yet striving to break free from the screen and embrace the here and now.

What is their mission?

Thrown together by fate, these roommates form a peculiar trio, creating a dynamic that is as amusing as it is heartwarming. Their common mission? To reach the beach and witness the eagerly anticipated eclipse. But there’s a catch: each of them must first conquer their personal obstacles.

Join us in this lively and heartwarming adventure, where we showcase how Sunfish Sitting There ingeniously combines personal growth with the extraordinary spectacle of an eclipse. Witty banter, surprising twists, and a memorable tale of eclipse-chasing roommates delivers a charming tale of overcoming the obstacles fate throws in your path.

Sunfish Sitting There offers a refreshing take on tabletop role-playing, where life’s little challenges can lead to self-discovery. Don’t miss out on this rollercoaster of a TTRPG session that proves that even the most unusual roommates can find common ground when chasing the extraordinary.

If you want to know more about Sunfish Sitting There, you can read my deep dive review. In it, I take a closer look at how this game is put together.

Sunfish Sitting There: Review

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