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TMNT and other Strangeness Stump Gang Origins: Episode 2

Can Tex Save the Day?!

Last episode, Tex (the mutant, anthropomorphic armadillo) nearly got caught by black hat government operatives trying to track down all traces of animal mutation. He narrowly escaped with the help of his friends, The Stump Gang.

A group of orphan girls hiding in a state park.

Unfortunately for Tex and the gang, the mercenaries would not rest. They eventually uncovered The Stump Gang’s secret hideout. (a giant tree stump).

A chase ensued and the girls were eventually captured. It’s now up to Tex to track down his friends, his best friends, his only friends!

Will he be able to rescue them?

This is a livestream actual play of the classic tabletop role-playing game “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness”.

This game gives you mechanics for creating your own humanoid mutant from a huge list of animals.

The hero of the story is a 5 foot tall humanoid armadillo who’s watched one too many westerns. This is an fun game full of adventure and unique mechanics!

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