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Astral Drive: Episode 3

Alfred and Nulles make it onto the bridge. Alfred manages to deal a death blow to the Zix Hub, which we discover is a demonic hive mind from another dimension. It’s minions are left in chaos after the hub is destroyed, but there’s still just as dangerous as ever. Nulles storms the bridge saving Alfred’s life while casting blood magic to cover him and his allies.

Meanwhile, Gerald Abrego manages to stealthily take down the leader of the Space Readers. He is as surprised that he pulled it off as everyone else. Moving forward, he encounters a doctor and a pair of cooks in the four of them decide to escape the ship.

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Astral Drive: Episode 2

As chaos unfolds around the ship, what’s left of the crew attempts to reach the bridge, and Author Dios fires a single shot that might change everything.

Astral Drive: Episode 1

Space pirates, magic, intergalactic swashbuckling, Astral Drive is a TTRPG Actual Play that blends Sci-Fi and Fantasy!

YouTube Channel

The Last Tea Shop. A solo TTRPG playthrough. Written by Ash Alder and narrated by Zachariah Van Sluyters